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B. Choose the option: Send a new package 

C. Select the size of your package

  • Small fits in a backpack

          -Dimensions:  40cm x 30cm x 20cm

          -Weight: max. 6kg 

  • Medium fits in the trunk of a car

          -Dimensions:  50cm x 110cm x 50cm

          -Weight: max. 20kg per package - max. 80kg in total

  • Large fits in a van

          -Dimensions:  140cm x 220cm x 120cm

          -Weight: max. 20kg per package - max. 200kg in total

D. Fill in the pick-up and delivery details

  • Pick-up details include all data of the sender.
  • Delivery details include all data of the receiver.

    a. It is advised to select time slots from at least 1 hour. This increases the chance of finding a courier.
    b. If the receiver’s phone number is not available, choose the option 'I don’t know the receiver’s phone number'. As a result, the receiver must confirm the delivery per signature.

E. Add a description

F. Summary of your package

G. Price of the delivery

  • After filling in the necessary information you will find the price of your delivery. 
  • The price of the delivery depends on the size of the package, the distance and your Parcify agreement. 
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