With the sharing economy you can complete your monthly closures as a private person and this in a lot of cases without having to pay taxes.

General rules

  • individuals must act outside the scope of their professional activity;
  • the services are only offered in the framework of contracts concluded through an electronic platform that has been approved or organized by the authority;
  • the fees can only be paid via the platform or the payment provider of the platform.



  • You do not act in your own professional setting
  • You do not exceed 6250 EUR / year. (2019)


  • You do not act in your own professional setting
  • You do not exceed 6250 EUR / year. (2019)


  • In order to maintain the right to family benefits, you can not work more than 240 hours in quarter 1, quarter 2 and quarter 4 and unlimited in quarter 3 (summer).
  • In order to remain fiscally dependent on your parents, you need to meet the following conditions: you are officially part of the family and do not receive a salary that is a professional expense for your parents. The income you earn, does not exceed the authorized limit, depending on your family situation.


  • You must declare this activity to your pension fund, otherwise your pension may be reduced or eliminated
  • The possibility to earn unlimited extra income or the prohibition to exceed a maximum income depends on: your age, the number of years of your career, the type of pension.
  • If you exceed the income threshold, your pension can be reduced or eliminated


  • Contact the RVA/ONEM (National Employment Office) in advance. It is the RVA/ONEM that decides whether you will be allowed to take on occasional paid activities while retaining unemployment benefits. In that case, your unemployment benefits may be reduced. If you work more than occasionally, you may lose your entitlement to unemployment benefits.  

Welfare receiver 

  • If you receive a minimum income, you need to inform the Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW/CPAS) to see if a limited amount of personal earnings can be combined with a minimum income.
  • If you receive health benefits, you need to inform your health insurance fund and ask permission from its doctor. Your benefits may be reduced.   
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