A first important remark is that the Parcify platform has been developed to provide a service that fits the legislation of the sharing economy. This legislation has been developed for private individuals who want to provide a service to other private individuals and who want to earn some money in addition to their income in paid employment, this is only slightly taxed. Individuals can not send invoices because they are not liable for VAT!

You can use this platform as a professional courier to expand your client base, but you take responsibility yourself to process your costs correctly in your accounting. By sending out sales invoices to the senders of the packages that you have supplied (your customers), or by including the income in your daily receipts.

Why can’t you send a sales invoice to Parcify NV? Parcify is a platform that connects senders and couriers. When a package is shipped, the sender pays the courier via the platform to take the package to the final destination. As a courier you therefore receive your income directly from the sender of the package that uses Parcify as a payment platform. When you see on your bank statement that you have received an amount from Parcify, that is the sum of all payments that your customers sent to you via the platform in the past week. In this case, the name Parcify on your bank statement applies only as the name of the payment platform that your customers have used, not as the payer of the amounts. Parcify will, on the amount that the sender pays to you via the platform, deduct the 10% sharing economy tax that you owe to the government. These are also immediately transferred to the state. You will receive a tax data sheet for each financial year. 

What amount will appear on your account? The sender of the platform pays the total transport price. Included here is the commission that Parcify takes on each delivery to pay for the management of the platform. The 'total amount' - 'the commission' - 'the tax' that Parcify already transfers to you for the state = 'the income' that you will eventually receive weekly, bundled in 1 amount for all deliveries you have made during the past week.

If you want to send a sales invoice for a delivery that you have made, you will have to send it to the sender for which you have delivered the package. With the introduction of the new European privacy legislation Parcify can now no longer exchange personal data between senders, couriers and receivers of packages. You will therefore have to ask the persons where you have picked up a package, on your own initiative, whether you can prepare a sales invoice for them for the service provided. 


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