Yes, Parcify can prepare a monthly invoice for you.
Beware! This is only for a small part of the amount you pay for your delivery.

When you send a package, you pay via our platform to the courier who will take your package to its destination. Parcify keeps a small part of this amount (the commission amount) to pay for the management of the platform. Only this small part of the total amount you pay is an income for Parcify. This means that Parcify can only issue an invoice to you for this small part of the total amount on which the VAT is broken down.

The remaining and biggest part of the amount is immediately transferred to the courier who will take your package to its destination. This is therefore NOT an income for Parcify, which means that Parcify can NOT issue an invoice for it. If you request a monthly invoice from Parcify, you will always receive an overview of all deliveries you have requested during the past month. On this overview you can then find the total amount of all the deliveries that you have requested in the past month.

We will clarify this with an example.
You will receive the following documents monthly in your mailbox if you tick the 'monthly overview' in your profile:

  • Parcify invoice

Total of the deducted commission by Parcify. This invoice can be entered in your accounts to recover the VAT.

  • Overview of shipments

Total of all shipments and their total price. Beware again! This overview also includes the amount of commission that is mentioned on your Parcify invoice. Keep this in mind if you would include this overview in your accounting. Request more information from your accountant about how this can be processed in the accounting in your specific case.

Do you wish to receive the monthly invoice with the overview of all shipments automatically in your mailbox? That is easy!

  • Enter your company name and VAT number in your profile.
  • In the application or on the web platform, check the box in your profile:

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