🕋 A unique address to gather all your packages

The Parcify address is the address of our different depots, that are located in different cities. This is the address where all packages are shipped to after you have ordered online (and have entered the address in the checkout of the webshop). We keep them safe in our depot and let you know the package has arrived via notification (or SMS) and email. After being notified, you can easily schedule the time and location in order to receive your package with ease of mind.. 

🙊 Where can I get this address?

We generate this address right after you have registered inside the Parcify app. During registration we ask for your postalcode to make sure that a Parcify depot is nearby. If your postalcode fits with our active region you will receive the full address. You can always generate another Parcify address by changing your postal code. (💡 tip: check whether we deliver in your postal code on our homepage).

💥 NOTE. There is no need to write this Parcify address down on a piece of paper. You can always check the Parcify address within the app.

🛠 How do I use the Parcify address?

To make sure that all packages are delivered, it is important to keep two things in mind when shopping on an online webshop.

  1. ALWAYS add Parcify in front of your name when shopping online. When a package arrives at our depot, it is important that everyone is aware the package is shipped via Parcify.
  2. ADD the Parcify address as your delivery address. We made a small example of this below! Still unsure how this works? Check out our How It Works page

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